We're All Weird is a children's book that celebrates how our differences are strengths and why it's ok to be different. In today’s world, there are many reasons to feel different. Maybe it’s the way you speak, or the fun way you express yourself through fashion. Maybe it’s your unique family life, or something as silly as your hair or the food you eat. The reality is, we don’t all look the same, wear similar clothes, or even speak the same language.


Yet somehow, now more than ever, we are made to feel as if we should be comparing ourselves to the people around us. And when someone does not fit the societal norm, they are made to feel outcast or weird. In this energetic and colorful book full of cultural and generational diversity, we help children looks past what they see on the outside and learn to accept those around them. It’s our belief that we all have a little bit of weird in us, let’s embrace it!