About Author


Kristen Heath, Author of "We’re All Weird", was reminded about the challenges our youth face from an early age, as she began writing this book. When she began working on this concept, she realized how every generation faces some level of social discomfort and how it is progressively getting worse. Growing up in Colorado, she recalls not always fitting in due to her small stature, hairstyle and quirky personality. When her peers criticized her, she was able to rise above the scrutiny through positive reinforcement from her family and genuine friendships. For her it wasn’t about a desire to fit in, but rather to be around the people who accepted and loved her for who she was. 

That same attitude has been a driving force throughout her life, always maintaining a cheerful and unique perspective on the world. She began traveling abroad in 2014, and has currently backpacked almost 20 countries alone. She discovered her passion for writing while documenting her journeys, and she has written several short poetry books. The lyrical rhythm and playfulness of her poetry is still displayed in her current work. 

As Kristen releases her first published book, her main goal in this journey is to help the young generation in turning their imagination, hopes, and dreams into endless possibilities, while encouraging kindness, self-esteem and purpose.