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We are excited to announce Positive People Posse's Kickstarter campaign release for their first self published children's book titled "We're All Weird" a children's book on inclusivity written by Author Kristen Heath and Illustrated by Nick Burke. 
    The Positive People Posse media brand was founded by a minority & business owner, Dom Green in 2018. Dom recognized early in life the challenges that he would have to overcome, along with the multitude of battles others face while dealing with various forms of insecurities. He founded Positive People Posse as a way to pursue a career in influencing a positive mindset and creating a more inclusive and accepting world. It is his goal to bring people together through community outreach, and enhancing our life experience as authentically as possible.
 Founder of Positive People Posse 3P Media Dom Green & Author Kristen Heath
In February 2019 the "We're All Weird" concept was born. It all started with one of their popular shirts that Positive People Posse had produced. Feeling excited about how well consumers responded to the catchy phrase, Dom approached his close friend, Kristen Heath who had aspirations of becoming a published Children's Book Author one day. He was very familiar with the insecurities she had overcome as a youth in order to become the confident woman that Kristen is today, and how valuable that was for others to know about.
What they both had in common was their personal truths of feeling like an outcast during their childhoods. Kristen, who grew up outside of Denver, Colorado was picked on by other kids for her small stature, unique hairstyles and quirky personality traits. Dom was a black kid who grew up in Olathe, a suburb of Kansas City, where he often felt singled out for his skin color. Kristen's excitement and understanding of what Dom wanted to accomplish grew right away with belief in this message, and she took to her pen and pad immediately to write the words that shaped the title of their very first book.
After the story was written, they had to find an Illustrator who would turn this concept into reality. One day, Dom bumped into Nick Burke, a Kansas City graphic artist at a local coffee shop. Their conversation quickly turned to discuss the projects they were both working on. With the children's book being at the top of Dom's mind, he mentioned to Nick that he was looking for an Illustrator after becoming frustrated over not being able to find the right one. Nick tells Dom that he had always wanted to create a children's book, and he began illustrating character examples for him on the spot. Nick displayed exactly what they were looking for, months after Kristen finished her final written draft.
Fast forward to 2020, well over a year in the making, the final revisions of “We're All Weird!” are complete. The purpose of this book is to promote inclusivity at a young age, because it is our belief that positive change begins with our youth. We have a clear mission to bring people together through storytelling,  and teaching children to accept those around them regardless of gender, skin color, and physical or mental abilities. The Positive People Posse brand has invested a great amount of time and resources to bring this concept to life. We are now calling on the public to help support our first published book by pre-ordering a copy through our Kickstarter campaign.
Once our campaign goes live on 7/15, we will be opening up a referral program that you can participate in and earn commissions for helping us spread the word! Visit our link to our pre-launch page to stay tuned for more information about that in future. Thank you all for supporting our campaign!
We are here to promote a positive influence and help prepare today’s youth to create a more accepting and kind world. 
Thank you for your consideration,
Dom Green
Founder/Marketing Director
Positive People Posse/3P Media
Direct# 913-732-3146
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